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Paintballs Or “Pain” Balls?

Paintball groundsWe were to play paintball today at OCC Paintball place. The weather was great, not sunny no rain. The grounds were a bit wet and slippery because of the early morning rain, but it added more realism into the game.

We were 1st greeted by the host and were told to fill up a wavier form (to sign and say if in case you are seriously injured or died due to the paintball session, it is not their responsibilities), and will go for a safety brief before we can start shooting one another.

PaintballsAs this for some of us were the 1st time playing paintball, we did give full attention to what the host got to say. He did make it very short and swift, informative and instructions were very clear. I guess he could sense our eagerness and impatience to battle one another (probably from our full army uniform otufits), hence he quickly went thru the safety instructions. To show us the intensity of what paintball can do to harm us on unprotected area, he fired a few shoots at some metal targets, barrels and a banner at 50 metres. WOOwwww.. It was when I heard the “tuck, tuck, tuck” when the rounds exit speedily from the barrel and the “pop, pop, pop” when the round hit the target that I realised what we have got ourselves into!! OH NO!!!!

PaintballsWe then divided ourselves into 2 teams, 4 vs 3. Scott, Yewsun, Sloth and myself versus Ling, Jason and Mae. All geared up, we went in to test fire a few rounds at the range and in seconds we were ready to go for the real battle!

“Barrel plugs out! Safety off!” *Siren screeched… Battle on! Basically you see all of us running towards the….. cover at this point. Firing from behind covers and at one point i remember seeing my opponents shooting with only the gun in view (above their head whilst still in cover). First round, i got shot twice but in the end I took the ammo box back to our base and won game 1. It lasted under 5 minutes but it felt like 15 mins. Now I guess this is how you would feel in real ops with live rounds shooting in your direction – feels like you want to hide for eternity.

Paintball scarSubsequently, we played about 10 games, and by then most of us had already run out of ammo, hence the umpire stopped the game. Not wanting to waste the spare rounds left, the guys volunteered Yewsun and myself to a duel. So not wanting to disappoint the guys, Yewsun and I went back into the arena for a 1-on-1 shootout. The outcome, Yewsun took 6 shots from me and i took one from him, but that one shot that hit me on my thumb and index finger, and my left hand was trembling for awhile. Nothing big though. All for a good sport!

All in all, a great activity, definitely will be organising another… when? maybe in November.. We will see.

Scars of today’s session
Myself – one on index finger and one on right arm.
Ling – 8 love bites all over. (He got shot 4 more times as he was declaring himself dead at one point)
Scott – one in the midriff.
Jason – Escaped with hits but no scars.
Mae – one big one on his right shin calf.
Yewsun– a few around but one on a very important part of his body. (Sorry Yewsun, not deliberately, but next time dun squat ok?)

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