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The Singapore Dream – To Strike Toto Lottery – Lottery Millionaire

Is it really possible to become a lottery millionaire? What are the odds?

I remember reading somewhere and it said that it is one in 8 million chance of winning the 1 combination of 6 sets of numbers.

Nevertheless, people still willing to give it a try. Sometimes I wonder, why are people still queuing up at the lottery stations and buying and buying even if they have not struck any prize before.

Well well, maybe that’s what they said: “Got buy got chance, no buy no chance.” “Think of what you can do with the money prize.” “If I struck Toto, I will not have to work for the rest of my life.”

How many lottery millionaires continue to be a millionaire after 10 years? Not many lottery millionaires can.

“The rule of thumb we use is sudden wealth will ruin people in three to five years,” said Thompson, president of Sage Financial Design, a Connecticut-based company whose clients include instant millionaires.

“At the end of five years, the money’s going to be gone or the human being is going to be gone. They either lose their money or themselves or both.”


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Instead of trying to strike Toto lottery, which is one in 8+million chance, why not look into forex trading?