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Fun-filled LA, Las Vegas And Grand Canyon Holiday!

6 of usWow, time flies when you are really enjoying. Its has been a great 14 days… We did quite a lot of things actually. Lots of fun within the big group this time, moving out in 2 cars, walkie talkie-ing to ensure that we don’t break contact, shopping for designers clothes at crazy, crazy “whoops” prices, lots of eating eating eating (i think i put on 1-2kgs in LA, quite a few Singaporean friends noticed), lots of get together at friends’ places, chit chats and playing games…. Very eventful, I wonder when will we be able to do something like that again.

Actually not very ready to blog about all the events as yet, just want to do a brief summary to inform our readers about our updates.

    Well what happened during this trip:

i) DnA reunion after 7 long weeks of physical separation. Yes!! Lots of PDAs were displayed on that day and rest of the holidays. It was a very difficult 7 weeks for us, the longest period of separation since our wedding. Of course we are glad its over and we did learn a lot from it – We don’t want to be separated again!

ii) We reunion with a big group, 1st, Uncle Simon and Auntie Shirley (thank you Uncle Simon for the ride during the holidays) who flew in from Chicago, the last time I saw them was some 2 years ago at SnK’s wedding. Next gathering was with our hosts, Auntie Hannah, Auntie Cathy and Uncle Titus. It was the 1st time Mama see Auntie Hannah, and almost a year since she and I both saw Auntie Cathy and Uncle Titus. Next was Yee Por and Auntie Karen and Auntie Annette, and we got the chance to meet Auntie Annette’s family, Uncle Tom, Mark and Matthew as well.

iii) Met Uncle Kenny and Auntie Josephine, who hosted us by letting us stay at their lovely home and that tasty yummy cake! Its a pity we could not spend more time interacting with them, but would do so the next time we go to LA.

iv) Played Call of Duty on Xbox, thanks to Mark (fantastic gameplay and coaching)!! Played on Wii Sports and got into a tiny bowling playing against my wife and Mama, most importantly majority cheered on my opponents, leaving Uncle Tom and Kobe supporting me. Great fun even though I lost both matches!

v) Went to Universal Studios before the big fire burnt part of the studios.

vi) Went to Grand Canyon, one of the world’s Seven Wonders! One down 6 to go! Actually there are so many wonders of the world…

vii) Went to Las Vegas – possibly one of the wonders too – something so amazing created out of a desert!

viii) Went back to Fisherman Outlet for the fantastic food! Hungry now!! Anyone who goes to LA should go there, seriously!

ix) Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive (where “Pretty Woman” was filmed)

x) Crystal Cathedral, the grand ceremonial memorial sunday service. Very touching war stories, my favorites.

xi) Touch Pacific Ocean again.

xii) Almost win the jackpot! Just short of 2 “Js” to fill the screen with “Js”. Proof

our hostsMeantime take a look at our pictures at facebook.

Many many more, just not possible to list them all, or I m just too lazy to do it. Just wait for our blog posts!! At least after this Friday, when my wife is returning to Singapore!

Oh also would like to thank our hosts for their hospitality and wonderful wonderful reception. Auntie Hannah, Auntie Cathy, Auntie Josephine, Uncle Titus and Uncle Kenny (as he prefer to use just his name), thank you for everything.

Ok before this post becomes too long-winded, I better stop now. ~Take care and have fun!