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A Guerilla Style Day Visit To The Presidential Residence – Istana Singapore

Today we went to visit a very special place. It is a place which is not always open to the public and only open to visitors on most public holidays. It is the Istana Singapore.

After some simple breakfast and a heavy head (from yesterday’s last min late night Risk and Munchkin game sessions), we moved out towards the Istana at about 9.20am via MRT. We arrived at about 10am and was surprised by the amount of people already inside the Istana doing various activities.

There were people lying on the green field painting and drawing, kids with paper windmills running around in the field and lots of people visiting the famous main Istana building, where you have to pay $2 per entry to see the inside of the building.

We went straight to see the main Istana building as that was the main attraction, and us hoping to be able to see the president mingling with the visitors. We were so so happy that we went into the building because the aircon was so cooling…. hehehehe.. And of course the exhibits of all the diplomatic gifts from foreign visitors were lovely.

We left the Istana grounds soon after because Mama was hungry and seriously there wasn’t so much stuff that interests us there.