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Glasses and Grandma Day

After lounging around at home until midday, mum and I ventured out in the heat with our umbrellas and bottles of water… We were off to get glasses done for other family members, as they gave us their prescription…. They trust our judgement of styles of frames…. Ummm!!! 😉

Everyone around us, walked really fast. Whereas us, we walked REAL slow… I can’t walk too quickly these days – correction, I like to walk really slow and not rush these days!!! Got to our destination at Prince Edward and to do the glasses with transition lenses were super-duper cheap!!!

We passed my mum’s local “Cha chaan teng” – (basically a local chinese tea restaurant serving up local affordable foods. Nice… esp the “chee cheung-fun” and congee… So far canes Uk and singa!!!

Then it was off to visit Gran and have dinner with her and the aunts… I was glad to see that Gran’s health had improved after a visit to the doctors – becos before Mum came to visit me, Gran had not felt well and Mum had to take her to see Doc. When our little baby will be born, she will be a Great-Gran!!! 🙂 Happy Days!

DnA Is Expecting!

Hi Relatives, Friends and Readers of our blog,
We are very proud to announce that we are 11 weeks pregnant! YEA!!!

We actually did a pregnancy test and knew that we are pregnant since late June, but we did not want to notify everyone because during the 1st 3 months is the most crucial period, hence after our 2nd scan today, after doctor told us that the foetus is stable now that we decided to tell the whole world!

I cannot tell you how much i wanted to tell all the people i know.. it was like happy yet unable to share it with people that i love… Holding onto a secret and not sharing the happiness wasn’t easy for 2 months, but hey its got to be done!

So guys, please forgive me when I told you i cannot go somewhere, or do something or got to sleep early etc… Because priorities has changed a little! hehaehaehahe..

We will update you guys on the “incoming!!”. Watch this space.