DnA – Holiday Wishlist

Hopefully we can cross these off in the near future!!

1) Japan – just so many places here:
-Eat Jap food!!
-Cherry blossoms
-Castles – Have to see at least one
-Natural hot springs – To soak and relax…. Nice!
-Universal Studios (Osaka)
-Tobu World Square (Nikko) – miniature replicas of famous structures from all over the world
a) Tokyo
-Imperial Palace
-Harajuku – the fashion district for young Japanese
-Tsukiji fish market – the largest fish market in the world!
-Disney Land and Disney Sea
-Sanrio Puroland – Hello Kitty Land!
b) Kyoto
-Gion – Gion Matsuri, Geisha land!
-Philosopher’s walk cherry blossoms in April
-Kinkakuji Temple – The golden temple
c) Honshu
-Mount Fuji
-Japan Alps
-Lake Ashi

2) Alaska to see aurora borealis – The Northern Lights (most often occurring from September – October, March – April)
3) Egypt – Pyramids
4) Paris to see Effiel Tower
5) Lapland -to see Santa Claus and his helpers!
6) Iceland – Maybe stay in the Ice Hotel
7) Dubai – To stay in the highest star hotel of that time
8.) China – Beijing (Forbidden City), Great Wall of China
9) The Great Barrier Reef
10) The Grand Canyon of the Colorado River
11) Niagara Fals
12) Hawaii
13) Taj Mahal
14) New Zealand

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