What Can We Do In Singapore – Things To Do In Singapore

Saturday morning, my wife woke me up and asked me, what are we going to do today…

I was totally dreading it whenever she ask me this question. Don’t get me wrong, I love to do things with my family and if I can spend all my time with them and not worry other things in life, I would definitely choose to spend all my time with them. The only dreading part is, I kinda run out of ideas these days (after a 4 years stay in Singapore with my wife), especially now that we have 2 young ones, nap times, meals outside, it is different when it was just my mum, my wife and myself, and with a car back then.

Anyways I googled What can we do in Singapore and found that, we have already done all of those things found on lonely planet, tripadvisor and the sorts…. Whatever that we have not done, are not really suitable for the kids. We are also looking forward to going to Universal Studios Singapore, to see the difference.

In the end we have decided to go to Ikea, to go get a clock for the kids’ room and Mama needs a duvet cover. So meatballs here we come!!

AED And Life Support Procedures For Anyone

As part of my vocation as a CDO medic, prior to every ICT (in-camp-training {army}), I will have to be sent to have a medic refresher course, to keep me “current” on the most updated medical information and practise on doing some theory and practical treatments and procedures of life saving. It’s has always been a 2 days course, and unlike the previous 4 times, this year it has a different impact on me.

This year, we touch on the new life support procedures (mainly CPR) which is used on unconscious casualties without respiration (not breathing) and circulation (no pulse). About 11 years ago, I was taught something which we continued to practise for 10 years, until this year the SAF or rather the whole global scene decides to change the protocol.

This made CPR easier to do, with lesser steps, and a new element has been added into the picture – the AED or automated external defibrillator.

An automated external defibrillator or AED is a portable electronic device that automatically diagnoses the potentially life threatening cardiac arrhythmias of ventricular fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia in a patient, and is able to treat them through defibrillation, the application of electrical therapy which stops the arrhythmia, allowing the heart to reestablish an effective rhythm.

– from Wikipedia.

Why does it have an impact on me? Well, it’s a long story… My father was claimed by the coroner that he had died from a cardiac arrest due to his exisiting heart condition in 2007, just one day after our Singapore wedding. That morning, I was the one who found him laying in the bathroom. First look at him, he must be there for maybe at least 10 mins, as he has lost his colour on his face, purple lips, and he was cold. Not wanting to quit at the same time, I could be wrong on the time of cardiac arrest, I fought back on my knowledge of the 4-6 mins rule of irreversible damage on the brain cells, and performed CPR (the whole procedure that I learnt from my medic course in 2000), called for ambulance.

I still remember being calm on the inside and literally did the ABC, head tilt chin lift, check for breathing and pulse. No breathing give 2 air blows into mouth, no pulse commence chest compressions etc…. I literally did CPR for at least 8-10 minutes before the paramedics arrived… It was kind of the longest morning of my life that day, and definitely the longest CPR drill I have ever done in my life and whilst doing the CPR, I was thinking of “please don’t die, please do not do this one day after the wedding…. etc”

I felt the impact today, because, whilst teaching us on the AED and why we need to prioritise AED over CPR, the instructor show us a timeline and effect comparisons… IT is statistically proven that early defibrillation, can increase by a huge percentage, the chance of surviving a cardiac arrest. So in my mind, I was thinking, should we know that someone in the family has a high risk of heart diseases, and therefore a cardiac arrest, should we buy an AED to store at home? Because, 70% of cardiac arrest happens at home. Should we have an AED back then, would he be saved?

What has passed is long gone, but I am actually thinking about the future. So should we buy an AED? Bring it around when we go out?

It is only in the recent years that we started to see AED placing in shopping malls, sport halls and various public places. And it does not seems ample, considering statistically, Singapore’s survival rate of cardiac arrest patients is only at a staggering 2%… What’s more is that heart disease is the number 2 most common condition that cause deaths in Singaporeans. I seriously think that is a worrying figure! We need to educate people on AED, life support and make sure that more members of the public knows how to save people’s life.

I strongly urge my friends and readers who are reading this, to take it seriously and consider learning how to do CPR and use an AED, it is really easy. If I can do it so can you… Touch wood, but you never will know when you need this knowledge and skill, but you cannot afford to wait for things to happen before you want to learn how to do CPR and or use an AED right?

Please take action today. You could potentially save someone’s life in the future, and what could possibly be your best reward is, it could be your friend or family member’s life you save.

Additional Info:

Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Local AED And CPR Course

Singapore Electric Bicycle – 4 Seater?

Finally got it after years of contemplating and 4 months of serious thoughts

Was researching on Singapore electric bicycles and Singapore electric bikes since early this month. The prices are so competitive and there so many different types, with very different price, package, and sellers with attitudes.. And I eventually got the best deal that I can find, so if anyone wants to get one, you can ask me more by leaving a comment here. I will try to give you a glimpse of my personal encounter, researching where to buy and seeing the electric bicycles myself.

Waiting for the delivery to be done this afternoon at 4pm, which is another 2 hours to go… Can’t wait…

Just Thought I Blog A Bit

Testing out a twitter style blogging —

A few things FYI…

Allan is a name my father gave me.

I was a Corporal in my unit, SAF Commando serving my national service. I was trained (basically) in demolitions, boat, weapons, signal equipments, navigation skills, sniper, recce, medic, airborne and life guarding. One of the proudest thing I had done in my life.

I like to eat, but I am choosy with my food.

I like music, especially those with lots of beats and some other songs with great meanings in them. I used to Karaoke a bit when I was younger.

I like to drive cars, especially cars that I know I will never own in my lifetime, and that is a big list of cars.

I used to think that I will become a great grand father one day, not sure if that is happening.

I think I have ugly teeth… that’s why I dun smile that much.

My best friend is Moses, whom I possibly did not give a lot to but I kept receiving. Thank you for being there.

My SRT boys, life has been fun fun fun with you guys. I am really looking forward to the Phuket trip.

Family is important to me, so thank you, for being there. Words are not enough to express.

My wife, thank you for everything, for your love, and your motherly love for the kids. Please keep up your good work. I am proud of them and your achievements with them. You should be their role model. One day they will grow up, wanting to be like you.

Happy Father’s Day…

Dearest Hupps,

Happy Father’s Day… I know I don’t say it out aloud but it’s there in my heart…

Thank you for your love (as a husband and as a father to our beautiful children); thank you for providing for our needs; thank you for being there as our support and pillar; thank your for everything…

I know, at times, I neglect you after a long and tiring day with the kids and chores; I don’t appreciate your positions; I nag and am negative; I expect so much off you, when you already give so much for/to me… but I promise to give you the space, for you to be yourself and to constantly remind myself to make the time – for each other and to love each other… I/we love you!

A Spoonful Of Sugar….

Like the song goes – ‘A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down…’ Yip, good ol’ Mary Poppins! Just like when things/kids test your patience, and there’s so much to do and things go/taste foul – it’s great knowing that you can just gulp it down cos it’s not all that bad with a spoonful of sugar!!! – (kind words, hugs and acknowledgement from loved ones, friends etc, waking up to the great surroundings called life!)…

Currently, life is sweet and yip, trying to lead a relatively simple or should I say, simpler life – so yeah – trying to live my life!

Gosh, it HAS been some time since I updated my blog re: the children and ourselves… So her we go! Well, in short….

1) Chloe has hit the terrible two’s…. BAD!! There’s no more chilled-out Chloe…. just Crazy Chloe who screams when she doesn’t get her way! We’ve had to buy and use the cane… Naughty room…. But sometimes, these just don’t work either! But I must say, what does generally calm her down is when we say “Do you want to see outside?” And then she stops screaming/crying and we hold her to look out the window! After that, it may result in normality or more demands/screaming!

2) Chloe now sleeps in a toddler’s bed with a small safety railing to protect her from falling…. Great thing is that Andre has moved out of our bedroom to sleep in the same room as Chloe! Yay!! Thought we would have major issues, but both enjoying each other’s company, chatting away, crying away together… but alls good…. They both seem to sleep well together, so yeah, that’s good… And nope, Chloe hasn’t fallen out of her bed… Yet!!!

3) Andre has started to crawl (but will only crawl to you if you are a few steps away… if you are further, he’ll just winge/cry and won’t crawl!), started to pull himself up… getting more curious but suffering from separation anxiety at the moment!…

4) Chloe needs more attention nowadays – esp when she sees us giving attention to Andre… Sister jealousy kicking in me thinks!

5) Proper dribbler our Andre! Bibs galore on the washing poles every other day! 5 teeth showing now….

6) Daze still a stay at home mum (SAHM)…. Nothing much to report here that’s too interesting!

7) Allan, also nothing exciting to report! Yip, we’re boring – so much for living the life eh!!! lol ;p

The ADCA clan!
Can’t think of anything else at the mo… so night all!!!


Big, Small, Big, Small… Which One?

Nope, I’m not gambling on a casino table nor am I contemplating having anything enlarged or made smaller….!

For the past few days, weeks and months – this topic has come to my mind so many times… It just comes and goes… Do I want a big or small family?! And just for your info, nope, DnA are not trying for baby number three and nope, I am not preggers!

I always wanted 3 children, at least… However, now that I have 2 (or as I put it, a family ticket of 4) – I can’t imagine what it would be like with a third child…. Andre is now just over 8 months and as I sit here thinking about another addition – can I or do I want to go through the whole saga of sleepless nights, nappies, colic, crying etc?!?!? Already with 2 kids, I feel that there is alot to do! I feel as though I am continually washing baby clothes (esp bibs, as Andre goes through enough, since he has been dribbling due to teething since 3.5 months!), disturbed sleep (Andre still sometimes needs feeding and Chloe may also suddenly need mummy and daddy in the wee hours of the morning)… Sometimes, they are so clingy and dependent on me, that I feel I lose my own identity and have less time for myself! Everything is about them and my whole day, week, month revolves around them… I feel the sheer responsibility of having to provide for them, look after them, make sure they are clean and fed well… In addition to all that, how would my body cope?!?!? Chloe was born 3.25 kg, Andre was 4.14kg… The skin on my tummy would surely sag to the max should the next baby be any bigger!!!

But having said all that – I come from a large immediate family.. I have 4 sisters and 1 brother and although, at times, things used to be chaotic at home – debates, mess, clutter, noise etc… Thinking back, I loved it! I loved the fact that it was cosy! I probably complained back then tho! Now that some are married and have kids – family gatherings are great! The hustle and bustle!!

Allan has just 1 sister…. And sometimes, I feel the atmosphere is not the same.. It’s quiet… Maybe too quiet?!?! Esp during big events….

Anyways, just thought I’d share it… Even if I did want another, maybe I couldn’t conceive anyways! So, what’s the point of thinking or worrying about it… Right?!?!?

“Don’t worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own…” Matthew 6:34


Want To Sell Less Than 6 Months Old Bed Cot


We bought a cot bed from Baby Kingdom (click to see image) S$249, and a dual layers natural latex mattress from Mothercare RRP $319 with 5 years warranty, they are both less than 6 months old.

We are selling because we are upgrading our eldest girl to sleep in a children’s bed, and her bigger cot will be used for our boy, who is currently sleeping in the cot bed for sale.

We are really looking for a quick sale more than trying to get money out of it, so we are up for any offers above $150.. especially for our friends on facebook.

To add an incentive, we are migrating to UK in Feb 2012, so if the buyer wish to upgrade to the bigger cot, we are more than happy to pass the bigger cot to the buyer when we leave SG, (my mum can co-ordinate that)

Electric Bicycles

I was wondering if I would get one of these electric bicycles in UK and send my kids to school using such transportation.

ITs great to move around the traffic in the busiest traffic time, its electric = no emissions. Its a fun way of doing a chore. WE could even go to Somerfields in Danescourt easily for a last minute shopping..

Hmmm, now is it road legal?? Price?

I Love My Wife

I just want to put this in our diary, in case I cannot in future say this for whatever reasons.

I, NRIC 80XXXXXY, Tan Allan, truly, deeply, madly love my wife, past, present and future. Even though I do not say this everyday, it does not means that I do not care about you. I want you to know that, everything I do is for the better of our future, just like the things that you do right now, taking great care of our children.

I want you to remember that being a mum who sacrifice her career and looking after the children is noble and great, and the advantages are only reflected when they grow older.

I love my wife and I want you to know that I did not love you for your body, but rather your inner self that complement me as a person. You think of my interest everytime and constantly reminds me (some called it nagging : lol) just like I do the same for you. Your inner beauty really gives me the assurance that you will be a great wife, mother and daughter.

Given the chance to turn back time, with all the possible girlfriends, I would still walk the path that we walked before and choose you to share my life with, only thing different would be I would make you feel more important and give you much more than you deserve.

I am no poet, hence you will not see this blog post in a book that will be on Top of New York Times, but rest assure that, if there is a Top ranking for I Love My Wife in the search engines, I will make sure I am ranked number 1!! I love my wife more than anything in this world.