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Fluval Spec 19L Desktop Glass Aquarium

Our new glass desktop fish tank – the Fluval Spec 19l.


When I wanted to get a fish tank, I knew nothing about it – what equipment was needed, what the specs meant. I was and still am, a true beginner! My main priorities was that it had to fit on the windowsill! So size was important as space was the limiting factor. After much searching, I came across the glass desktop Fluval Spec 19, which has become a wonderful tank for myself and the kids as we adventure deeper into our new hobby.

It is a little expensive at £80 (not including fish, food, gravel and decorations!), considering I was only looking to spend no more than £50 all in! I mean, I didn’t know if the kids would still be interested in it after a week, nor did I know whether the fish would still be alive!!!

The tank came in a reasonably sized box, which wasn’t too heavy to carry. It has everything you need – an all-in-one! It comes with a circulation pump with output nozzle, safe low voltage transformer, foam filtration block sponge with handle, activated carbon insert filter bag, Biomax insert filter bag, aquarium lid and LED lighting system. 20170602_134619

It was pretty easy to set up too! What I loved most about the Fluval Spec 19 was that the filter media and pump are housed in a different section to the main display. The main display is separated by some glass. This allows the appearance of a bigger tank, with the filtration system hidden from view. Because, the filtration system is separated, you don’t have to put your fingers/hands in the main display – I’m petrified of the fish touching me!!! In addition, the corners of the aquarium were covered with curved aluminium. I’ve seen tanks whereby the silicone joints have become stained and because of the aluminium, this will keep my tank looking all new!

The pump has an adjustable flow rate. The water flows through the top, then travels downwards through the filter media. It then reaches the pump which then pumps the water out through the outlet tube and through the outlet nozzle and the whole cycle repeats itself.20170602_141814

The aquarium comes with a frosted plexiglas lid but the middle portion is open to the air. For me, this is not ideal, just incase things fall into the tank? In addition, my aquarium is on the windowsill – therefore, more likely to have algae growth.

The aquarium comes with a low voltage but yet powerful and efficient 37 LED lighting system. The 7500K high luminosity LEDs are suitable for aquatic plants. There are 3 position ON/OFF switch (bright daytime, deep blue night-time and off). I have not used the LED lighting system as there is enough light at the windowsill.


We Want A Pet!

About a month ago, my two eldest children say to me “Can we have a pet?” I have tried to withhold from agreeing to this for a while now because, 1) You need to spend time, care and love with your pet – something which I felt, I may not be able to give – or even give equally, 2) Costs, 3) If we go on holiday, who would look after it..

Anyhows, we ended up agreeing to some pet fish. After agreeing to this – there was then the issue of which fish tank and where to put the fish tank!

The house is small. Everywhere you look, there is something in each corner and along each wall. My youngest child Belle is 2 years of age. She is at the age whereby she is curious; she puts things in her mouth; she uses her toy cooking utensils to hit things like a drum; she opens and squirts creams; she pulls all the tissue out of the packs…. Then there’s my son, Andre – whom as a boy, loves to do boyish things – like kick a football in the house; jump off the sofas! I’m sure you get the picture. There is simply no safe place to put this fish tank! But my kids were sad, especially Chloe (who is the most responsible one!). So as a parent, we always try to make them happy!

After much deliberation – we found the location – the windowsill!