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Nice quotes taken from others or by ourselves.

I Love My Wife

I just want to put this in our diary, in case I cannot in future say this for whatever reasons.

I, NRIC 80XXXXXY, Tan Allan, truly, deeply, madly love my wife, past, present and future. Even though I do not say this everyday, it does not means that I do not care about you. I want you to know that, everything I do is for the better of our future, just like the things that you do right now, taking great care of our children.

I want you to remember that being a mum who sacrifice her career and looking after the children is noble and great, and the advantages are only reflected when they grow older.

I love my wife and I want you to know that I did not love you for your body, but rather your inner self that complement me as a person. You think of my interest everytime and constantly reminds me (some called it nagging : lol) just like I do the same for you. Your inner beauty really gives me the assurance that you will be a great wife, mother and daughter.

Given the chance to turn back time, with all the possible girlfriends, I would still walk the path that we walked before and choose you to share my life with, only thing different would be I would make you feel more important and give you much more than you deserve.

I am no poet, hence you will not see this blog post in a book that will be on Top of New York Times, but rest assure that, if there is a Top ranking for I Love My Wife in the search engines, I will make sure I am ranked number 1!! I love my wife more than anything in this world.

Overflow, Overdrive, Overworked, Over-the-top, Overtime

This is the feeling that I have at this current moment in time.

I think life since our wedding in 2007 has been consistently throwing obstacles and problems at us. It has never stopped for a break, at least that is what I feel. Mind you I am not complaining.

I just want to have a journal record of this feeling, so that when I have the time in the future, I can retrospect.

Just like what one of my brothers said, : “Tough times don’t last, tough men do!”

I will say this to myself: “When the chill of winter comes to hell, only the toughest resist the bell! Commando!!”

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the reality, suffer, survive and flourish!

PS: It’s all about gaining experience points.

On My 30th Birthday I…..

Today on my 30th birthday, I

i) woke up at 4am then slept at 5am, woke up at 7am to help feed Chloe milk, and slept again at 730am till 10am.

ii) painted the fence and learnt a quote. “It is not how much paint you painted on the timber that matters, its how much the timber can absorb that matters.” Often for many things, this principle applies, one of them is, “It is not how many times you read the notes that matters, it is how much that will get into your brain that matters.”

iii) whilst painting the fence I was greeted in mandarin (ni hao) by a group of kids (10 years old max) and I said ni hao back. One of them even did a kungfu style salute. I thought to myself, they must have watched The Karate Kid and they must have thought all handy man possess some sort of kungfu… hehehehe…

iv) whilst painting the fence, listening to my techno songs i did some dance moves and suddenly my mother-in-law tapped me on my shoulder, laughing..

v) whilst painting the fence, someone asked me for road directions, I helped him with my Iphone Google Map, and he was quite impressed with the technology…

vi) I managed to convince Chloe that she needs to behave herself, if not Daddy will punish her. She nodded when I said to her, “If you are naughty, I will put your finger into the froggy’s mouth (ceramic ornament), so are you going to be a good girl?” And she shook her head when I asked, “Are you going to be naughty?”

vii) Instead of the plan of going out for a meal with Daisy, we decided to eat in with Mummy and Gavin, and straight after meal, Daisy complained of pain and tiredness, so now she is sleeping next to me whilst I type this blog post..

What a day.

Thanks guys for the surprise birthday bbq party……

The Blind Side – Inspiring And Touching Movie

Was watching this movie (The Blind Side) on the plane. Found it to be really touching and full of emotions.

I always like movies based on a true story, and especially if it is 100% factual, so this movie is something that I have to watch, even though my biological clock was telling me to sleep.

What I like about the movie is the humbling touch that the leading female character gave to that young boy. Absolutely magical and it makes the difference in that kid’s life.

Totally must watch!!! I give it a 5/5 stars!!

What I really learn and re-instill into my mind from watching the movie is, I/we need to be living the way the Tuohys are in the movie, in the near future.

Morale of story: Give if you can afford to.

This Message Goes Out To All The People I Care About

This is a short and quick message to all the people that I care about, including myself.

I think all of us right now are at a stage very much different from 10-15 years ago (if you around my age). Some of us are married, maybe with a kid or 2, some of us could be dating, not dating, working, or even unemployed.

I think everyday, every moment is part of a jigsaw puzzle, and your entire life is the completed puzzle, they are a part of your life, so just remember this when you are faced with troubles, problems, and unhappiness, that all of these negative things will make you a better person when you overcome it and that is part of your life, your wisdom booster.

So take a breather and really think about what you want and what will make you happy!

My message today is emphasized in this song. Go on and listen to it. Its from, perfectly legal to listen to. I just love the whistle bit.. It clings on to my mind… I bet if you listen to it enough, you will start to whistle it too!!!

Living One’s Life Is Like Reading Chapters Of A Book

Living your life is like reading many chapters in a book, and those chapters is all about you.

Something a little different from other books, in these chapters, you can decide how you want to write them. You write your own story.

Write beautifully and when you read your life’s chapters to your children, they can learn a lot from them.

It took me 29 years to know that..

My Best Friend’s Wedding – Very Very Happy For Them

Today I am very happy to attend my best friend, Moses’ wedding. It was a very different wedding reception and dinner compared to the normal Singapore Chinese wedding, but it is very similar to DnA’s UK wedding.

With about 70 guests at a cosy and pampering private restaurant called Friends @ Jelita. The bride and groom had the opportunity to mingle around the guests and the solemnisation was done at the restaurant in full, close view of everyone, which made it even more special for all guests.

I was honoured to give a speech at their wedding, and after spending hours the day before I managed to squeeze a short speech draft for the actual thing. And in my speech I gave them 3 points which I would like to emphasize one of the points on this blog.

Love One Another. Say it and do it. I try to say I love you to my wife whenever I remember to even if it means a few times daily via SMS, MSN or face to face. I kiss my wife as much as I can whenever I want to, even if she has got a sore throat. Display your affections let it come out naturally and don't hide it. I do these because I do not know when will it be the last time I would be doing those loving stuff, and because I do not know when is my last day of loving her, I want to treat it like its the 1st day that we started to love each other, honeymoon period every day. I think that it work well so far for me.

For more photos, please click on the image above.

Questions From My Happy Go Lucky Mother

Mama asked me some questions just now…

“These inventors from the past were so smart… how come they are so smart?”
My reply: “Because they were probably rich people who has the choice to study what they want, and have the time to research on it because they do not have to worry about money and working for money.”

Then the question of the century came out of her mouth.

“Errr.. How come they are so rich leh?”

What do you think my answer was?

“Because of maybe a few reasons, they could be part of the royal family, collect taxes and rent from lands. It could be in the older days, if you are the 1st to discover something, like wine and setup a vineyard, you actually started a business and because it is like a necessity, everyone will buy it sometime, you will be rich, and the wealth stays within the family and is constantly passed down, hence the descendents are naturally rich since they were born. (did not tell her this part though as I do not know how to say in mandarin) It could also because they were the 1st to do something different, like Henry Ford, John Davison Rockefeller and Sam Walton.”