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Amazing Couple Dance Done Perfectly!

Found this video randomly on facebook and youtube. This is way too cool. I mean when we used to watch Step Up and Step Up 2 and when we were watching it, my hands and legs will involuntarily move slightly as if they were moving to the beat of the songs and copying the dancers..

The movies were amazing, and the dancers in the show, simply too awesome.

This couple dance is simply awesome presented by Urban Dance Camp

The Blind Side – Inspiring And Touching Movie

Was watching this movie (The Blind Side) on the plane. Found it to be really touching and full of emotions.

I always like movies based on a true story, and especially if it is 100% factual, so this movie is something that I have to watch, even though my biological clock was telling me to sleep.

What I like about the movie is the humbling touch that the leading female character gave to that young boy. Absolutely magical and it makes the difference in that kid’s life.

Totally must watch!!! I give it a 5/5 stars!!

What I really learn and re-instill into my mind from watching the movie is, I/we need to be living the way the Tuohys are in the movie, in the near future.

Morale of story: Give if you can afford to.

The Marine 2 Movie – Comical Movie

Anyone with covert military skills, who wants to have a laugh should watch WWE Studios’ film “The Marine 2“. Opening scene is such a comical scene.

He is a reccon trained sniper, lying al fresco-ly on the rooftop of a building, trying to snipe someone with a HK Sniper rifle, the victim was like max 60 metres away!!

As I watched along the way on the A380, I got more comical scenes, when he physically hear the RPG from behind him, he turned and he did a “Matrix” stunt….

And a lot of other ridiculously not realistic scenes like how he did not get pelletised by the dozens of grenades that was thrown towards him etc…

Go watch it and have a good laugh..

Maybe WWE should just concentrate on their fake Wrestling biz…

Flash Of Genius – Inspirational Movie

Flash of GeniusI was on the flight home yesterday when I saw this great movie, it was called “Flash Of Genius“.

It is based on a true life story about Robert Kearns, an inventor who invented something that is so vital to the automobile industry since 1969 and right up till today. He thought his family and his life would change for the better but little did he know that he will get in some nasty litigations with the big corporations who tried to take advantage of his invention.

I kind of like this film because I see some part of me in this person. But I hope what happened to him and his family will never come upon me and my family.

All in all, I find this movie very watchable, even though some part might be a bit draggy. It is one of the movies which I think is worth watching to learn something out of it. I like all sorts of based on true story movies.

Well I was thinking you might want to watch Flash Of Genius Part 1.
Watch Flash Of Genius Part 2