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Electric Bicycles

I was wondering if I would get one of these electric bicycles in UK and send my kids to school using such transportation.

ITs great to move around the traffic in the busiest traffic time, its electric = no emissions. Its a fun way of doing a chore. WE could even go to Somerfields in Danescourt easily for a last minute shopping..

Hmmm, now is it road legal?? Price?

Allan Tan Blogging Random Stuff

Its been a while since I really blog about my/our lives. Going to do a summarised version today.

i) Chloe has turned one and we are pregnant with our 2nd baby and as of today its 14 weeks + old. Daisy is having a hard time with this pregnancy, and comparing it with Chloe’s, this one is making her think twice about the 3rd baby at this moment whilst with Chloe, she really enjoyed her pregnancy.

ii) we went away to Phuket with my mum’s siblings and family, 11 of us and the trip was fun yet hectic. Eat lots of nice food, but some of us got food poisoning on the last day. DnAnC + Mama is going back to Phuket again, (thanks to Marriot Vacation Club complimentary stay) and we hope that this coming trip will be a much more chilled holiday.

iii) I noticed that they are a lot of dangerous and rude drivers around and I seriously was considering if I should buy an in-car video cam to record the rude moves that some drivers do. Sometimes I get “cut” by “F1 racers” in Toyota and Hondas doing a speedy lane change, so dangerous that if the car previously in front of me brakes we would get into a collusion, me hitting his right rear bumper. One particular driver I remember, SCP1133A, Silver Honda Civic.

iv) Have been playing a bit of badminton, and decided that will pick up this sport back and play it a bit more seriously and long term.

v) Wanted to go to visit a nursing home back due to time clash, we could not go and went to attend a relative’s wedding instead. Almost gone to a CNY dinner for grassroot leaders with GOH, PM Lee, but had food poisoning so gave it a miss.

vi) Health has not been fantastic. Currently having a back pain that goes back since a while ago. Seeing a specialist to get a diagnosis. Hopefully will not miss the ICT in May.

vii) Potentially (80%) selling the car as it is nothing but a big liability to us right now. 80% of the time its just sitting in the carpark. It is more of a luxury item than a necessity, hence it should really go. Anyone wants to buy it? Or anyone wants to buy the registration plate? SGN126P.

viii) Want to try scenario paintball one day so if someone wants to join me pls pls pls let me know. Need to travel to Malaysia though. Maybe airsoft too.

I think that is about all. Updates again later..

How To Install A Turbocharger – Installing Turbochargers

How to install a turbocharger or can I actually install turbochargers myself? I was thinking of getting a turbocharger installed for my humble Nissan the other day, when I saw a similar car on the road, with sporty rims and turbo kits taking on the tarmac with unimaginable torque and horsepower. Not because I want to be a racer dude driving dangerously on the Singapore roads. But more for better horsepower for overtaking and perhaps taking my car for a circuit course doing my laps!! hehehe…

Here is what I found online to the best knowledge of installing a turbocharger DIY or if you prefer to get the professionals to do it for you, go to Turbo One