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Stillbirth – Counting My Blessings

Stillbirth – a very upsetting topic indeed… But it needs to talked about so that you can cope with the grief.

Thank God, I’ve never had to go through this, so why all of a sudden am I blogging about this?

Last week, where I work, I was asked by a male member of staff to attend to a lady. She was very tearful and wanted something to stop her milk supply. My initial thoughts after a few minutes of talking to her was that she was tearful because she had developed very painful engorgement of the breasts (due to her milk supply)… But as we talked more, we got deeper into conversation. She revealed that she had a stillbirth a week ago and today she had to register the birth… The engorgement was painful and yes, she wanted something to treat it.. But actually, she just wanted somebody to talk to… To break down to… To release all the emotions to… And I happened to be that person.

I sometimes forget the emotional side of dealing with patients; the person on the other side of the counter; the person you give advice to and treat. There can be so much to do in one day… You see so many patients/customers… Today was truely a reminder to myself that I can make a difference in someone’s life… And also, a reminder of the blessings upon me.

Stillbirth and miscarriage can be devastating for the baby’s parents (& their families).. Not many will choose to talk about it… However, if you have been through it or am going through it, you are not alone. There are many support groups out there. Some groups are run by parents who have experienced stillbirth. Some are run by healthcare professionals such as specialist midwives and baby loss support workers.

If you happen to land on this page of my blog whilst searching for info. on this topic, all I wish to share with you is a big mahussive hug and tell you that somebody out there loves you… X

Support groups:
The Miscariage Association
GOV.UK: What to do if someone dies

Happy Father’s Day…

Dearest Hupps,

Happy Father’s Day… I know I don’t say it out aloud but it’s there in my heart…

Thank you for your love (as a husband and as a father to our beautiful children); thank you for providing for our needs; thank you for being there as our support and pillar; thank your for everything…

I know, at times, I neglect you after a long and tiring day with the kids and chores; I don’t appreciate your positions; I nag and am negative; I expect so much off you, when you already give so much for/to me… but I promise to give you the space, for you to be yourself and to constantly remind myself to make the time – for each other and to love each other… I/we love you!

A Spoonful Of Sugar….

Like the song goes – ‘A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down…’ Yip, good ol’ Mary Poppins! Just like when things/kids test your patience, and there’s so much to do and things go/taste foul – it’s great knowing that you can just gulp it down cos it’s not all that bad with a spoonful of sugar!!! – (kind words, hugs and acknowledgement from loved ones, friends etc, waking up to the great surroundings called life!)…

Currently, life is sweet and yip, trying to lead a relatively simple or should I say, simpler life – so yeah – trying to live my life!

Gosh, it HAS been some time since I updated my blog re: the children and ourselves… So her we go! Well, in short….

1) Chloe has hit the terrible two’s…. BAD!! There’s no more chilled-out Chloe…. just Crazy Chloe who screams when she doesn’t get her way! We’ve had to buy and use the cane… Naughty room…. But sometimes, these just don’t work either! But I must say, what does generally calm her down is when we say “Do you want to see outside?” And then she stops screaming/crying and we hold her to look out the window! After that, it may result in normality or more demands/screaming!

2) Chloe now sleeps in a toddler’s bed with a small safety railing to protect her from falling…. Great thing is that Andre has moved out of our bedroom to sleep in the same room as Chloe! Yay!! Thought we would have major issues, but both enjoying each other’s company, chatting away, crying away together… but alls good…. They both seem to sleep well together, so yeah, that’s good… And nope, Chloe hasn’t fallen out of her bed… Yet!!!

3) Andre has started to crawl (but will only crawl to you if you are a few steps away… if you are further, he’ll just winge/cry and won’t crawl!), started to pull himself up… getting more curious but suffering from separation anxiety at the moment!…

4) Chloe needs more attention nowadays – esp when she sees us giving attention to Andre… Sister jealousy kicking in me thinks!

5) Proper dribbler our Andre! Bibs galore on the washing poles every other day! 5 teeth showing now….

6) Daze still a stay at home mum (SAHM)…. Nothing much to report here that’s too interesting!

7) Allan, also nothing exciting to report! Yip, we’re boring – so much for living the life eh!!! lol ;p

The ADCA clan!
Can’t think of anything else at the mo… so night all!!!


Big, Small, Big, Small… Which One?

Nope, I’m not gambling on a casino table nor am I contemplating having anything enlarged or made smaller….!

For the past few days, weeks and months – this topic has come to my mind so many times… It just comes and goes… Do I want a big or small family?! And just for your info, nope, DnA are not trying for baby number three and nope, I am not preggers!

I always wanted 3 children, at least… However, now that I have 2 (or as I put it, a family ticket of 4) – I can’t imagine what it would be like with a third child…. Andre is now just over 8 months and as I sit here thinking about another addition – can I or do I want to go through the whole saga of sleepless nights, nappies, colic, crying etc?!?!? Already with 2 kids, I feel that there is alot to do! I feel as though I am continually washing baby clothes (esp bibs, as Andre goes through enough, since he has been dribbling due to teething since 3.5 months!), disturbed sleep (Andre still sometimes needs feeding and Chloe may also suddenly need mummy and daddy in the wee hours of the morning)… Sometimes, they are so clingy and dependent on me, that I feel I lose my own identity and have less time for myself! Everything is about them and my whole day, week, month revolves around them… I feel the sheer responsibility of having to provide for them, look after them, make sure they are clean and fed well… In addition to all that, how would my body cope?!?!? Chloe was born 3.25 kg, Andre was 4.14kg… The skin on my tummy would surely sag to the max should the next baby be any bigger!!!

But having said all that – I come from a large immediate family.. I have 4 sisters and 1 brother and although, at times, things used to be chaotic at home – debates, mess, clutter, noise etc… Thinking back, I loved it! I loved the fact that it was cosy! I probably complained back then tho! Now that some are married and have kids – family gatherings are great! The hustle and bustle!!

Allan has just 1 sister…. And sometimes, I feel the atmosphere is not the same.. It’s quiet… Maybe too quiet?!?! Esp during big events….

Anyways, just thought I’d share it… Even if I did want another, maybe I couldn’t conceive anyways! So, what’s the point of thinking or worrying about it… Right?!?!?

“Don’t worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own…” Matthew 6:34


Want To Sell Less Than 6 Months Old Bed Cot


We bought a cot bed from Baby Kingdom (click to see image) S$249, and a dual layers natural latex mattress from Mothercare RRP $319 with 5 years warranty, they are both less than 6 months old.

We are selling because we are upgrading our eldest girl to sleep in a children’s bed, and her bigger cot will be used for our boy, who is currently sleeping in the cot bed for sale.

We are really looking for a quick sale more than trying to get money out of it, so we are up for any offers above $150.. especially for our friends on facebook.

To add an incentive, we are migrating to UK in Feb 2012, so if the buyer wish to upgrade to the bigger cot, we are more than happy to pass the bigger cot to the buyer when we leave SG, (my mum can co-ordinate that)

Some More

I dropped off Chloe to playgroup/school this morning… As normal, I would give her a little snack along the way… Today, I gave it slightly later, so, upon arriving at school, she was still munching away..

Teacher: Do you feed Chloe enough food?
Me: Why do you say that?
Teacher: She’s always so hungry!
Me: She’s always eating!!
Teacher: We asked her whether she drinks milk and she said yes.. Yesterday, she finished her snacks you packed and there were lots, but she just kept saying ‘Some more, some more’!!
Me: *Thinking in my mind… That’s my girl!!*….. I then went on to explain her routine to the teacher…

Oh my, for those who know our little Chloe, whose tummy is not so little… she loves to eat! Sometimes, it worries me that she eats so much?!?!? Maybe she has worms – but it can’t be, cos she’s not losing weight! But then, I shouldn’t need to worry because she’s not obese either!! She just loves food!! Good really!

Chloe’s routine:
7am Wake-up, 200ml milk
8am Breakfast
If there’s school: 9:20am snack, 9:30am school starts, then 11:30am snack at school
If there’s no school: 10am snack
12 midday Lunch
1-3pm Nap time
3:30pm Snack
5pm Dinner
6pm Bath
6:30pm 200ml milk
7pm Bedtime

Then the whole process repeats itself!!! Seems ok, right?!?!?

Daze x

When I Was Just A Little Girl, I Asked My Mother, “What Will I Be?”

Like the song goes… When I was just a little girl, I asked my mother, “what will I be?” ————— I never did ask my mother that qn! But what probably did happen, is my mother ask herself what would her daughters and son be!!

That’s the qn that is going through my mind at the moment! I wonder what my children will grow up to be!

For the past few nights, Andre, just before falling into deep sleep will hummmmmmmmmmmmm in a monotonous tone – like a low pitched cat or someone chanting… His eyes would be shut and he wouldn’t move but this tone would last for ages… Randomly, in the middle of the night, as he tries to self-settle after waking up from his sleep cycle, I would wake up to the monotonous low toned humming…. I wonder whether he will be a backing singer?!?!?!

As for Chloe, since she has been able to undo zips and get out of her gro-bag, she will sometimes surprise me by taking it off! So, we check her just before we sleep. I did that just tonight… Low and behold, she had taken her gro-bag off and was lying in her cot, with just her PJ top and diapers… Her legs and tummy were exposed as her PJ top had risen and she was cold… God forbid, I sure hope that she doesn’t end up being a stripper!!! Lol

Daze x

Commando Reservist And Kids

It’s 6:45am as I write this… Chloe has been a nightmare all night and morning, leaving Hupps & I sleep deprived… At one point, we had to sleep with her and comfort her, but no luck! Not too sure what is wrong, maybe she got traumatized by the 2 lion dances in the shopping centre (cos she screamed her head off when we had to pass them & she kept saying that she was scared whilst crying!) or maybe she felt insecure because she saw Hupps pack his army stuff & thought we were gonna leave without her?! Anyways, only God knows!

Although, she sleeps in a different room, her cries were disturbing Andre, so he too now, is irritable!

Hupps has left for his Commando Reservist just now and for the next 17 days, it will be a battle at home also, if the kids decide to be rebellious and difficult!! Hupps has told me that he may not be able to come home at nights depending on what training missions he has!! Oh help me God!!!

Oh well, just gotta persevere! Just pray that C&A rest well, eat well and cooperate, so that I too can do the same!!! Also pray that Hupps has a smooth, easy time, eats & rests well so that he can help me on the weekends (if he can come back!), should the kids be non-cooperative!!!

The Year Of The Rabbit…

This CNY has been great.. Busy and rushed, but great!! Great food and decor…

Some of my immediate family managed to take time out of their holiday plans and spend time with ADCA in Singapore… It’s been awhile since all of us bunked out in one house and just chilled and ate… They all stayed at our house and although, there weren’t enough beds – it was fun to all squeeze in together and sleep wherever there was space! I rather miss those days when we were younger and we all squeezed into each other’s bedrooms, or had sleeping bags laid all over the floors cos we just liked the whole ‘sleep-over’ thing!

Shame that it rained ALOT during their stay though… cos it would have been nice to take them to more places to eat good food!

My youngest sister Ansy was the last to leave Singa and she so reminded me of myself when I first came to Singapore…. She currently lives in Taiwan, and whilst she was here, she had a list of things that she needed to do.. Like have her hair cut, eat a good western meal, buy certain british stuff to bring back with her…. These things seem so trivial but when you live in a country where you don’t understand the language (and they don’t speak much english), where good old british stuff are hard to come by – I tell you, you have serious cravings… I was like that… I longed for jacket potato, a good bangers and mash dish, certain chocolates like Wispa, Fish and chips from a take-away… I still have the cravings but not so badly anymore! In a nice sort of way, I think I’m getting used to Singapore… the weather, the lifestyle, the accents, the foods… I never thought I would really… Because it was such a big culture shock to me! When we relocate back to UK, I think I will miss Singa and have those ‘cravings’ that I once had when I arrived here…

Chloe turned 2 during CNY… I look back and time has flown… I can’t believe how much she has grown…. She’s a proper madam now! And Andre, he’s also growing up so quickly…

Who knows what will happen in the future, But what I do hope is that all will be happy and stay close and in contact x

Happy Chinese New Year to all my family and friends out there!