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Warren Buffet And Sharon Osberg

Reading on Warren Buffet and Sharon Osberg, and I cannot help but laugh at this section of the story,

Then there was the time he nearly cost me my world status: We’d never played together in a tournament before, let alone a world championship. We were huge underdogs to qualify for the finals, but God bless us, we qualified, at which point Warren said, “I can’t do this anymore. It’s so stressful. Tell them I have a business emergency. Tell them anything.” So I go and try to tell the officials my partner has a business emergency—they were furious. We were probably the only couple ever to qualify for a world championship and withdraw without one of us dying.

US Stock Market Crash (2011) Is Coming

One of my mentors just told me:

US stock market crash is coming.

Here are the signs:

1. I cannot find undervalued stocks for large cap and middle cap stocks in US stock market using my stock pick strategy. The last time I cannot find undervalued stock was during 2008, then stock market crashed big time.

2…. Investor funds start to flow into US small cap stocks. In a stock market, there are big cap, middle cap and small cap stocks. When the small cap stocks start to rally, that is a sign that the rally is at the last stage.

3. Oil price is at $106 now and still continue to rise. High oil stock is damaging to a lot of industries.

4. Middle east unrest is causing disrupting effect to companies that have offices there or has business dealings there. Nobody know when it will end. And it may spread to other parts of middle east.

My portfolio is 70% in cash now. Planning to sell my Bank of America to raise more cash.

So what can you do when the market is bearish? Trade stocks when you can find good stocks, and trade stocks options with my other mentor’s conservative option trading strategies to continue to make money in the stock market even when the market is moving downwards.

My Dream With Aliens

Just had a dream.. I was doing yoga style leg in the air head on floor looking into the sky stretching when I saw a big aircraft with blinking lights dropping something. It was just directly under my block, at first I thought it was a bomb but it turned out to be something with a parachute. It landed I’m front on my front door. I opened it and decides to run away from whoever is coming for these. Oh inside it contains 36 pieces of choc eclairs.. In the end I sold these on the stock exchange and i sold them at $10,000 a piece.

Turned out that people who bought them are aliens who are spying on Earth and these aliens had earthy occupations as traders so they could afford the expensive eclairs… Reason for the air drop, their boss up there is rewarding them, and those eclairs are special ingredients not found on earth… LOL

Fitness First AMKhub First BodyFirst Session

Yesterday was my 1st workout session at Fitness First, and Mubin was my trainer who gave me a good 1/3 BodyFirst session.

He basically took my weight, height, and a body fat calculation via a scale. We then sat down and I filled up some questionaires and he analysed my priorities for wanting to join the gym.

My priorities:

i) to have a higher energy level,
ii) to have a higher endurance level,
iii) to pass my IPPT for now (2 months). (Hoping to be able to get Gold award in 12 months time. lol)
iv) to feel the same as I did at my fittest during NS days. (fittest during my SAF life guard course)

So after the chat, we went to the various stations to max stretch myself to allow him to have a better understanding of my current fitness level, what I need to improve on and what he can fix a routine for me. (This is what I have been thinking of for years!! Personal training to my needs.)

At the end of the 1 hour session (we took slightly longer), I was very exhausted not because I m tired, but more on my muscles not able to do more, and my back was feeling tense as if its gonna break. I actually thought I did not bad, but apparently Mubin said that he was expecting me to be slightly better, I was devastated but I am more determined to become better.

I want to be fit again, because I have been very fit at one point of my life (12 chin ups easily, 2.4km clocked at 8.57), and frankly it felt really good, I felt like I can do just about anything with my body. Now after neglecting my body for 5 years, it is time to put things back to where they belong to.

Anyways, I shall update again later. Watch this space.

Overflow, Overdrive, Overworked, Over-the-top, Overtime

This is the feeling that I have at this current moment in time.

I think life since our wedding in 2007 has been consistently throwing obstacles and problems at us. It has never stopped for a break, at least that is what I feel. Mind you I am not complaining.

I just want to have a journal record of this feeling, so that when I have the time in the future, I can retrospect.

Just like what one of my brothers said, : “Tough times don’t last, tough men do!”

I will say this to myself: “When the chill of winter comes to hell, only the toughest resist the bell! Commando!!”

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the reality, suffer, survive and flourish!

PS: It’s all about gaining experience points.

Chloe’s High Fever And Andre’s Arrival

Today is the 4th day of Chloe’s fever, average of 39 high degrees Cel, highest being 40.7. Its really a parent’s worst nightmare when the todder/baby has got high fever, worst still, continuous and not coming down. As a parent, I was more concerned about any permanent and irreversible damage to her brain or parts. Needless to say, the nights were not easy to pass. And for the 1st time, Chloe rejects her food, now that was worrying…

Seen doctor twice and been to hospital once, it seems like 40 deg Cel. in UK does not really trigger any flag/alert in local healthcare dept. To me as a medic in the army, this temperature for an adult will warrant an IV drip immediately, so I was very surprised that no action were taken except issueing some paracetomol and ibuprofen… No cold bath is recommended either.

On the good news side, Andre was born in the early hours of 25th August 2010, weighing 4.14kg. Very big baby even surprising the UK midwives.

Both mother and baby are ok up till this point.

Busy busy busy.

On My 30th Birthday I…..

Today on my 30th birthday, I

i) woke up at 4am then slept at 5am, woke up at 7am to help feed Chloe milk, and slept again at 730am till 10am.

ii) painted the fence and learnt a quote. “It is not how much paint you painted on the timber that matters, its how much the timber can absorb that matters.” Often for many things, this principle applies, one of them is, “It is not how many times you read the notes that matters, it is how much that will get into your brain that matters.”

iii) whilst painting the fence I was greeted in mandarin (ni hao) by a group of kids (10 years old max) and I said ni hao back. One of them even did a kungfu style salute. I thought to myself, they must have watched The Karate Kid and they must have thought all handy man possess some sort of kungfu… hehehehe…

iv) whilst painting the fence, listening to my techno songs i did some dance moves and suddenly my mother-in-law tapped me on my shoulder, laughing..

v) whilst painting the fence, someone asked me for road directions, I helped him with my Iphone Google Map, and he was quite impressed with the technology…

vi) I managed to convince Chloe that she needs to behave herself, if not Daddy will punish her. She nodded when I said to her, “If you are naughty, I will put your finger into the froggy’s mouth (ceramic ornament), so are you going to be a good girl?” And she shook her head when I asked, “Are you going to be naughty?”

vii) Instead of the plan of going out for a meal with Daisy, we decided to eat in with Mummy and Gavin, and straight after meal, Daisy complained of pain and tiredness, so now she is sleeping next to me whilst I type this blog post..

What a day.

Thanks guys for the surprise birthday bbq party……