Minimalism… In Need Of A Lifestyle Change And A Motivational Push!

As the title states – I’m in need of a (potential) lifestyle change and a massive motivational push, whilst thinking about being an entrepreneurial stay-at-home-mum (SAHM).

There is just too much in my library (brain) – and I feel that it is clouding my judgement of what exactly is important to me, and what makes me truly happy. I watched this documentary called Minimalism and the main point that came across to me was trying to find more with less.

It’s a pretty good documentary – it brings up some good points. I am married and have 3 kids, so how will a minimalistic lifestyle work for me? Realistically, I am not going to throw all my furniture out, give my TV away and leave 1 shirt, 3 pairs of socks etc. Nor am I going to tell the kids to pick 1 toy to keep! Even if I wanted to, my kids would throw an eppy-fit! The goal of minimalism to me is not to entirely remove the desire for happiness from our lives, but to redirect it. You can pursue the desire for happiness through, for example, love, faith, compassion, justice, contribution rather than material possessions.

I love buying things. I am career driven. I want more and bigger. But I realise now that when we get what we want/buy what we want, the happiness and fulfillment is only temporary. The reason for this happiness is probably because when we get what we want for that brief period of time, we no longer “want” and this leads to peace and happiness.

The question I ask myself is “will it add value?”
“Does the possession add value in my life?”
“Does the statement add value to the conversation?”
“Does what I do add value to the situation?”

As I sit here typing on my laptop and thinking about my path ahead, I am grateful for what I have – health, love, family, friends and faith. I need to remove the “fear factor” of uncertainty and “what-ifs”, and just go for it…

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