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Saturday morning, my wife woke me up and asked me, what are we going to do today…

I was totally dreading it whenever she ask me this question. Don’t get me wrong, I love to do things with my family and if I can spend all my time with them and not worry other things in life, I would definitely choose to spend all my time with them. The only dreading part is, I kinda run out of ideas these days (after a 4 years stay in Singapore with my wife), especially now that we have 2 young ones, nap times, meals outside, it is different when it was just my mum, my wife and myself, and with a car back then.

Anyways I googled What can we do in Singapore and found that, we have already done all of those things found on lonely planet, tripadvisor and the sorts…. Whatever that we have not done, are not really suitable for the kids. We are also looking forward to going to Universal Studios Singapore, to see the difference.

In the end we have decided to go to Ikea, to go get a clock for the kids’ room and Mama needs a duvet cover. So meatballs here we come!!

2 thoughts on “What Can We Do In Singapore – Things To Do In Singapore”

  1. just some suggestions. not sure if you have done all these.

    – head to the botanical gardens. there’s a Jacob Ballas Children garden for the kiddos. never been there myself but my friends (with kids) always heads there….

    – head to the farmer’s market at loewen gardens. its not open all the time, check the website for the dates when its happening. 🙂

    – museums? there are quite a fair bit of interesting activties for the children in the past month in conjunction with the children season 2011. think it has ended but there should be some that are still suitable for them?

    and the science centre? LOL. i havent been there in eons.

    drop you more ideas when i think of them..

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