Want To Sell Less Than 6 Months Old Bed Cot


We bought a cot bed from Baby Kingdom (click to see image) S$249, and a dual layers natural latex mattress from Mothercare RRP $319 with 5 years warranty, they are both less than 6 months old.

We are selling because we are upgrading our eldest girl to sleep in a children’s bed, and her bigger cot will be used for our boy, who is currently sleeping in the cot bed for sale.

We are really looking for a quick sale more than trying to get money out of it, so we are up for any offers above $150.. especially for our friends on facebook.

To add an incentive, we are migrating to UK in Feb 2012, so if the buyer wish to upgrade to the bigger cot, we are more than happy to pass the bigger cot to the buyer when we leave SG, (my mum can co-ordinate that)

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