I Love My Wife

I just want to put this in our diary, in case I cannot in future say this for whatever reasons.

I, NRIC 80XXXXXY, Tan Allan, truly, deeply, madly love my wife, past, present and future. Even though I do not say this everyday, it does not means that I do not care about you. I want you to know that, everything I do is for the better of our future, just like the things that you do right now, taking great care of our children.

I want you to remember that being a mum who sacrifice her career and looking after the children is noble and great, and the advantages are only reflected when they grow older.

I love my wife and I want you to know that I did not love you for your body, but rather your inner self that complement me as a person. You think of my interest everytime and constantly reminds me (some called it nagging : lol) just like I do the same for you. Your inner beauty really gives me the assurance that you will be a great wife, mother and daughter.

Given the chance to turn back time, with all the possible girlfriends, I would still walk the path that we walked before and choose you to share my life with, only thing different would be I would make you feel more important and give you much more than you deserve.

I am no poet, hence you will not see this blog post in a book that will be on Top of New York Times, but rest assure that, if there is a Top ranking for I Love My Wife in the search engines, I will make sure I am ranked number 1!! I love my wife more than anything in this world.

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